Как скрыть единственную вкладку в Firefox?


Создаем файл (если отсутствует) userChrome.css в папке профиля Firefox «chrome» с следующем содержимым:

/* Source file https://github.com/MrOtherGuy/firefox-csshacks/tree/master/chrome/hide_tabs_with_one_tab.css made available under Mozilla Public License v. 2.0
See the above repository for updates as well as full license text. */

/* Makes tabs toolbar items zero-height initially and sets enlarge them to fill up space equal to tab-min-height set on tabs. Optionally use privatemode_indicator_as_menu_button.css to replace main menu icon with private browsing indicator while tabs are hidden. */
/* Firefox 65+ only */

/* Dummy variable to support both versions 89-90 */
:root{ —tab-block-margin: var(—proton-tab-block-margin) }

:root[sizemode=»normal»] #nav-bar{ —uc-window-drag-space-width: 20px }

#titlebar{ -moz-appearance: none !important; }
#TabsToolbar{ min-height: 0px !important }

#tabbrowser-tabs, #tabbrowser-tabs > .tabbrowser-arrowscrollbox, #tabbrowser-arrowscrollbox{ min-height: 0 !important; }

:root:not([customizing]) #tabbrowser-tabs .tabs-newtab-button,
:root:not([customizing]) #tabs-newtab-button,
:root:not([customizing]) #TabsToolbar-customization-target > .toolbarbutton-1,
:root:not([customizing]) #TabsToolbar .titlebar-button{
-moz-appearance: none !important;
height: 0px;
padding-top: 0px !important;
padding-bottom: 0px !important;
-moz-box-align: stretch;
margin: 0 !important;

height: unset !important;
.accessibility-indicator > hbox{ padding-block: 0 !important }

#tabbrowser-tabs .tabbrowser-tab{ height: calc(var(—tab-min-height) + 2 * var(—tab-block-margin,0px)) }

#tabbrowser-tabs .tabbrowser-tab[first-visible-tab=»true»][last-visible-tab=»true»]{
visibility: collapse !important;

/* Button re-styling */
#tabbrowser-tabs .tabs-newtab-button:hover{ background-color: var(—toolbarbutton-hover-background) }

#tabs-newtab-button > .toolbarbutton-icon,
#tabbrowser-tabs .tabs-newtab-button > .toolbarbutton-icon{
padding: 0 !important;
transform: scale(0.6);
background-color: transparent !important;
/* Extra top padding in maximized window */
@media (-moz-os-version: windows-win7),(-moz-os-version: windows-win10){
:root[sizemode=»maximized»] #navigator-toolbox{ padding-top:7px !important; }
/* Fix window controls not being clickable */
:root[tabsintitlebar] #toolbar-menubar[autohide=»true»][inactive]{
transition: height 0ms steps(1) 80ms;
border-inline: var(—uc-window-drag-space-width) solid var(—toolbar-bgcolor);

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